Friday, 4 May 2012

Andre Rusu ~ Online and Colour Commitment

Our colour grade for Clowning Around is being worked on by Swedish born, BAFTA award winning Andre Rusu a quite gifted Colour Grader and Online Editor. We're very happy to have him aboard the project to give the film the finishing touches it needs to truly shine and we're so impressed by his work ethic and commitment to our film as well as the incredible standard of his artistry.

Andre, has given us a little insight into his work and the art of color grading and his personal commitment to the work he does. We've learned firsthand how he gives a great deal more to his projects than you might expect. Here's how.

Passion for science, technology and art came as a symbioses with my education BA/MA Fine Arts and Digital Post Production at the National Film and Television school to develop an emerging Mastery of the DI colourgrading process and post production pipelines with years of experience operating advanced DI systems such as Nucoda, Baselight, Scratch, Quantel iQ, AVID DS Nitris. 

When I work, the technical craft is very important to entice and receive confidence in the room in a freelance space, but nonetheless that is only half of the battle won, the sensation and artistic sensitivity is what drives the scenes forward. Having a prolific collaboration in a grade is essential, this can be attained by working with creative and flexible film makers which always mirrors your approach and passion, this collaboration needs to be at the forefront of this relationship. 

Starting Colourgrade of Andre Rusu has been about following my passion. With my studio, I have tried to create from scratch everything that any DI Colourgrader and Online editor needs. It has been a great privilege and experience to build such a system that works on par with the best and most expensive hardware and software solutions to date with the help of my contacts in the industry and hard devotions. 

Dealing with high end colour grading, I use a flexible Digital Intermediate (DI) workflow for broadcast and theatrical releases which helps me hit the ground running on any production. Running a grading suite is like running a Michelin star restaurant, the technique expertise and perfect "catering" is of course the trade and the standard expected from your client. Unlike the culinary arts, you are not just offering a set course, every project needs to be understood in order to enhance the films visual language, it is not merely about stylistic decisions but about being able to enhance narrative, mood and tone of each production with a sense of subjectivity to maintain your visual signature but being able to stand back and view the work from an objective point of view, the audience are the ones that matter the most.

Andre Rusu

You can check out some of Andre's wonderful work at and we can tell you that his early ideas and work on Clowning Around are looking fantastic too!

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